Whats New?

I am always being asked for a full list of my publications – so here it is!


Four years at war. The memories of Lieutenant Frederick Mainwaring 51st Foot in the Peninsula and at Waterloo 1811-15

The 3rd (Scots) Guards at Time of War, the Memoirs of Sergeant John Stevenson 1793-1814

A New System of Cavalry Swordsmanship by Lt Colonel Edward Radclyffe 1st (Royal) Dragoons


A Light Infantryman with Wellington: The Letters of Captain George Ulrich Barlow 52nd and 69th Foot 1808-15

The Journal of Sergeant David Robertson of the 92nd Foot in Egypt, Denmark, the Peninsular and Belgium, 1795-1818

Coming Soon

Waterloo After The Glory

Hospital Services, Casualty Sketches and Reports following the Battle of Waterloo

From the Diary of Lieutenant Ernst Meier of the Westphalian Garde Chevau-Legers, the Brunswick Hussars and 2nd Dragoons King’s German Legion 1809-15