The Egyptian Campaign 1799-1801

Titles in the Gareth Glover Collection that deal with the Egyptian Campaign

Letters from Egypt & Spain. By Lieutenant Colonel Charles Morland 12th then 9th Light Dragoons

The Military Adventures of Private Samuel Wray 61st Foot 1796-1815    

Paymaster John Harley 54th & 47th Foot  

Sergeant David Robertson 92nd Foot

The Egyptian campaign is one that receives little attention, but in fact has many fascinating aspects to it and the few memoirs which deal with it are always something special. The hardships endured by the troops of all nations in that harsh, unforgiving climate are astounding.

landingtroopsinegypt1801British troops landing in Egypt

It is only intended to here to give a brief overview of the campaign in bullet point form.


  • 12 April 1798 Napoleon Bonaparte appointed to command The Army of the Orient
  • 19 May 1798 Napoleons army sails from Toulon for Egypt
  • 10 June 1798 Malta taken by Napoleon
  • 1 July 1798 Army of the Orient lands in Egypt
  • 2 July 1798 French army storms Alexandria
  • 21 July 1798 Battle of the Pyramids
  • 1 August Battle of the Nile (Nelson destroys French Fleet)
  • 2 September Sultan of Ottoman Empire declares war on France


  • 8 February 1799 Siege of El Arish commenced (taken 19 Feb)
  • 3 March Assault on Jaffa (stormed on 7 March)
  • 19 March Siege of Acre (Napoleon foiled by Sir Sidney Smith and sailors of Royal Navy)
  • 16 April Battle of Mount Tabor
  • 20 May French army retreat from Syria to Egypt
  • 14 June Napoleon arrives at Cairo again
  • 25 July Battle of Aboukir
  • 23 August Napoleon slips away to France leaving army


  • 28 January Convention of El Arish
  • 20 March Battle of Heliopolis
  • 14 June General Kleber assasinated
  • 15 June Convention of Alessandria
  • 5 September British capture Malta


  • 8 March 1801 British force under Sir Ralph Abercromby land in Aboukir Bay
  • 20 March Battle of Alexandria
  • 31 August French army capitulated and returned to France on British ships

battleofalexandria1801 Battle of Alexandria 1801