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Very proud to see that my book ‘The Two Battles of Copenhagen voted No.1 of 100 –

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Feeding Wellington’s Army – The Memoirs of Assistant Commissary General Tupper Carey Volume 1







Napoleonic Archive Volume 13 – The 28th, 34th & 39th Foot – Pringle’s Brigade








Napoleonic Archive Volume 14 – Memoirs of the 4th Dragoons








Wellington’s Light Division in the Peninsular War 95th Rifles








Napoleonic Archive 12 – The Journal of Major John Duffy & ‘missing’ 1813 Journal of John Maxwell Tylden 43rd Foot







Napoleonic Archive 11 – The Letters of Lt Col Henry Packe and Captain Orlando Bridgeman 1st Foot Guards







The Redcoats of Wellington’s Light Division – 52nd Foot Memoirs









Napoleonic Archive 9 – The Journals of Captain Henry Oglander 43rd & 47th Foot







Napoleonic Archive 10 – A Hellish Business: The Letters of Captain Charles Kinloch 52nd Light Infantry 1806-16







The Men of Wellington’s Light Division – 43rd Foot









Waterloo Archive Map Book

Marching, Fighting, Dying – Contemporary Accounts of the Peninsular War

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I am always being asked for a full list of my publications – so here it is!

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The Peninsula and Waterloo Memoirs of Commissary Tupper Carey 2 volumes

The Peninsular memoirs of Captain Stirling 42nd Foot