Napoleonic Archive Volume 1

Napoleonic Archive Volume 1

Published by Ken Trotman Publishing

April 2021

I have been aware for some time, that a number of my smaller monographs, published many years ago by Ken trotman are no longer available to purchase. At the same time I have numerous more short accounts from the Napoleonic wars which could be collated into book form with others. Therefore I am now launching The Napoleonic War Archive Series (with absolutely nothing on Waterloo!- For those see the Waterloo Archive Series Volumes 1-14).

Volumes 1- 5 will republish a number of the monographs I previously published in book form – Volumes 6 onwards will publish new material

Volume 1 Contents

The Letters of Lieutenant Colonel Sir John Cameron 1/9th Foot 1808-14

The Memoirs of Private Adam Reed 47th (Lancashire) Foot 1806-17

Ensign William Gavin 71st Highlanders 1806-15

Captain Peter Bowlby 4th Foot 1791-1877