Napoleonic Archive Volume 4

Published by Ken Trotman Publishing in October 2021

The first three volumes of this series has been reprints of out of print monographs, but now the books will continue with a mix of the few outstanding out of print monographs and brand new previously unpublished material.

This eclectic mix of archival material is themed around the correspondence of those held senior positions in the army or Staff positions. The letters of James Stanhope give a fascinating glimpse of life as an aide de camp to Sir John Moore, Sir Thomas Graham and General Edward Paget and their strategic thinking. Thomas Edwardes-Tucker gives a similar view of Sir Thomas Picton.

We also include the superb journals of Generals John Mackenzie and William Wheatley. Mackenzie’s journal provides a great deal of obscure information on Wellington’s early campaigns in 1808 and 1809, it is such a pity that he was killed at Talavera. Wheatley’s letters also provide some interesting detail on the sieges of the three Salamanca forts, where he was unfortunately killed.

The letters of Robert Duffield Cooke provides a very rare glimpse into the world of the Army Pay Corps, giving much information on the working of this department and also has an interesting passage demonstrating the dangers of observing a siege too closely.

A number of collections of individual letters are also included, providing a great deal of information on lesser known subjects. The various papers in the Woodson Research Centre at Rice University provide much material on the defence of Portugal, particularly in the early months by Portuguese forces. The letters of William Parker Carroll provides a fascinating set of letters from a brigadier in the 3rd Spanish Division and the various letters to Sir Charles Stuart who was Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary to Portugal and Brazil from 1810 to ‘14 also provides some fascinating insights.

In all, this collection provides a veritable smorgasbord of fascinating material on many obscure aspects of the Peninsular war.

1: A Staff Officer in the Peninsula and at Waterloo: The Letters of the Honourable Lt-Col James H Stanhope, 1810-17

 2: At Wellington’s Headquarters – The Letters of Robert Duffield Cooke Army Pay Corps 1811-14

 3: Captain Thomas Edwardes-Tucker’s Peninsula Diary, 23rd (Royal Welch Fusiliers) Regiment of Foot, 1813-14, A.D.C to Sir Thomas Picton

 4: THE TEXAS PAPERS: A Collection of Peninsular War Letters, written by various Senior British & Portuguese Officers Held at the Woodson Research Centre, Rice University, Texas

 5: Diary of Maj-Gen John Randoll Mackenzie of Suddie

 6: Letters of Brigadier William Parker Carrol, 3rd Spanish Division

 7: Various letters to Sir Charles Stuart

 8: Letters of General William Wheatley, 1812