Napoleonic Archive Volume 8

Napoleonic Archive Volume 8 – The Artillery


Published by Ken Trotman Publishing 2022

This book includes A few reprints of previous ‘now unavailable’ memoirs but also much new material including






Reminiscences of a Woolwich Cadet 1802, by Second Captain Frederick Robertson, RA

The Letters of 2nd Captain Charles Dansey RA 1806-13

Letter of 1st Lieutenant Edward Thomas Michell from Gibraltar (1805)

Diary of captain Adam Wall RA during the Corunna campaign (1808-9)

The Diary of William Laycock RA on the practise of Congreve rockets in Sweden, Portugal, Cadiz and Waterloo

Letters of Gunner Andrew Philips 2nd Battalion RA

Journal of 2nd Lieutenant Henry Hough (March 1812-May 1813)

Letter of 1st Lieutenant Henry Macleod RA November 1810

Letters of 1st Lieutenant James Macleod RA (1812)

Diary of Major Thomas Downman RHA (April-July 1811)

Letters of Captain Edward Whinyates RHA (1788-1814)

Letters of 1st Lieutenant Hugh Mallet RA (Portugal 1810-11)