The Waterloo Archive Volume 9

The Waterloo Archive Volume 9 (British Sources)

This volume is now available from Ken Trotman Publishing

It never ceases to amaze me that I still continue to discover further Waterloo material and each time I think that I have reached the bottom of the barrel, a great mass of quality material comes to light and enlivens the search once again.

This volume, the third in the Ken Trotman Second Series of the Waterloo Archive is an excellent proof in point. I have uncovered a mass of personal letters from all arms of the service. A number of which give a fresh view on various aspects of the battle and indeed the overall campaign.

From the visit of Lord Grantham to the battlefield only a few days after the battle, to the very interesting account of the campaign by Major Sir George de Lacey Evans, from the exploits of Admiral Sir Sidney Smith to aid the wounded in the days after the battle, to the letter of Lady Susan Clinton describing the scene at Brussels and her fears for her husband and the memories of Life Guardsmen who acted as sitters for the artist Benjamin Haydon.

Besides these fascinating accounts of the peripheries of battle, we also have a significant number of accounts not only from the Guards and the 52nd Foot but also significant accounts from the 33rd Foot and 92nd. Not to forget the Support Services, with an interesting set of letters from William Nicolay of the Staff Corps and Sir Augustus Frazer commanding the Horse Artillery. We also have an interesting set of letters from Lieutenant Francis Home of the 81st Foot which formed the garrison of Brussels during the campaign.

We also have no less than eight further accounts from men from the ranks to again prove that many rankers also wrote home regarding their exploits.

I hope you will agree that this is a very varied range of correspondents, with some very interesting things to say.

The hunt for further material continues!

This volume contains the following letters


Anonymous Report of Losses 1st Royal Dragoons

Anonymous Private of the 2nd Battalion 1st Foot Guards

Anonymous Civillian J H

Bartlett Ensign William 2nd Battalion 69th Foot

Batty Ensign Robert 3rd Battalion 1st Foot Guards

Beckwith, Cornet William 16th Light Dragoons

Bowater, Lieutenant Colonel Edward 3rd Foot Guards

Cadwallader, 3rd Foot Guards

Clark Captain Alexander Kennedy, 1st (Royal) Dragoons

Clarke Sergeant William Scots Greys

Clinton Lady Susan

Cochrane, Ensign Andrew Coutts 3rd Foot Guards

Colbeck Sergeant Major James 33rd Foot

Colquitt Lieutenant Colonel Goodwin 2nd Battalion 1st Foot Guards

Cox Captain William 3rd Battalion 95th Foot

Cummings Sergeant Alexander 1st Battalion 92nd Foot

Cuyler Captain Charles 2nd Battalion 69th Foot

Davies Captain Delme 3rd Foot Guards

Elphinstone Lieutenant Colonel William Keith 33rd Foot

Elton William 1st (Kings) Dragoon Guards

Evans Sir George de Lacey, 5th West India Regiment, Assistant Quarter Master General

Ferrier, Captain Archibald 1st Battalion 92nd Foot

Frazer Sir Augustus commanding Royal Horse Artillery

Gawler, Lieutenant George 1st Battalion 52nd Foot

Gomm Lt Colonel Sir William Coldstream Guards, Assistant Quarter Master General

Grantham Thomas de Grey, Lord

Green Private William 3rd Battalion 1st Foot Guards

Gunning Lieutenant George, 1st (Royal) Regiment of Dragoons

Gurwood, Captain John, 10th Hussars

Hamilton Lieutenant John 2nd Battalion KGL

Harris Lieutenant William, 16th Light Dragoons

Haydon, Benjamin Robert, Artist

Hervey, Colonel Felton 14th Light Dragoons, Assistant Quarter Master General

Home Lieutenant Colonel Francis 2nd Battalion 3rd Foot Guards

Home Lieutenant Francis 2nd Battalion 81st Foot

Lowe Sergeant John 2nd Battalion 95th Foot

Macdonald Captain Alexander Royal Horse Artillery

Mackinnon Lieutenant Colonel Daniel 2nd Battalion Coldstream Guards

Martin Lieutenant Henry 2nd Battalion 44th Foot

Mercer, Lieutenant Colonel Douglas 3rd Foot Guards

Mill Lieutenant James 1st Battalion 40th Foot

Miller Lieutenant Colonel Fiennes Sanderson, 6th Inniskilling Dragoons

Moore Surgeon James, 2nd Life Guards

Nicolay Colonel William Royal Staff Corps

Powell Lieutenant Henry Wayland, 2nd Battalion 1st Foot Guards

Riach Assistant Surgeon John 2nd Battalion 73rd Foot

Richardson Lieutenant William 1st Life Guards

Robertson Sergeant David 1st Battalion 92nd Foot

Rowan Captain William 1st Battalion 52nd Foot

Serjeantson Ensign William 28th Foot

Shaw Captain James, 43rd Foot

Sinclair Captain John 79th Foot

Smith Admiral Sir Sidney

Somerset Lieutenant Colonel Lord Fitzroy, Military Secretary

Smyth Lieutenant Colonel James Carmichael

St John Ensign Joseph, 2nd Battalion 1st Foot Guards

Tidy Lieutenant Colonel Francis Skelly 3rd Battalion 14th Foot

Vandeleur, Major General Sir John Ormsby

Wildman Captain Thomas, 7th Hussars, aide de camp

Wilson Private James 1st Life Guards