Napoleonic Archive Volume 3

Published by Ken Trotman Publishing  September 2021

The third volume in the Napoleon Archive continues the reprint of no less than six original monographs published over the last two decades by Ken Trotman and which are no longer available in their original format. In attempting to theme these volumes, this one highlights memoirs of those who particularly fought in the Corunna campaign and or the Walcheren expedition. However, a number of these memoirs are not solely about these campaigns and many other campaigns are described as they detail their experiences about their entire military life. It would be wrong to split these memoirs up so over numerous volumes, therefore the theme is a loose one.

There are however, some material of particular value regarding these campaigns within this volume. Captain Charles Pierrepoint’s letters are particularly interesting regarding the Corunna campaign, he being heavily involved in the organisation of the retreat and the naval operation to evacuate the troops as a an Acting Quarter Master General.

Similarly, the Walcheren Journal of Lieutenant John Garbutt and Second Captain Henry Light only cover Walcheren, but in great detail, including much on the signal flags used during the landings, which appear to be quite unique. The memoir of Lieutenant George Bourne also has much detail on Walcheren, including further detail on the signals used, but also deals in some detail previously serving in the militia, giving interesting detail on their experiences during the Napoleonic wars.

The Journals of Sergeant Peter Facey and Paymaster Sergeant John Dayes both certainly detail their experiences in the Corunna campaign and Dayes and Walcheren, but certainly contain far more. They cover their experiences in Holland in 1799, Ireland, Gibraltar, Northern Germany, Copenhagen, the Peninsular and the Mediterranean, providing useful snippets of new information.

This is a volume not only for those interested in Corunna and Walcheren but anyone interested in almost any campaign in the Napoleonic wars.


1: The Corunna Journal of Captain Charles A Pierrepoint, AQMG

2: Memoir of The Military Career of John Dayes, Late Paymaster Sergeant of the 5th Foot.

3: The Diary of Sergeant Peter Facey, 28th (North Gloucester) Regiment of Foot, 1803-1819

4: The Walcheren Diary of Lt John Garbutt, 84th Foot, 1809

5: My Military Career by Lt George Bourne, 85th Foot, 1804-18

6: The Expedition to Walcheren 1809 by 2nd Captain Henry, Light RHA