Full list of Titles Published by Gareth Glover

I am regularly asked how many books I have published and to be honest I never know!

Here is the full list for anyone who is interested.


1. Voices of Thunder                                                   UPSO Press August 2003                                                                          

2. Letters from The Battle of Waterloo                         Greenhill Books

Unpublished correspondence by allied                        May 2004

officers from the Siborne papers


3. Memoirs of John Dayes, Paymaster

Sergeant 5th Foot 1799-1822                                                      Ken Trotman 2004


4. Recollections of my life including

Service at Waterloo – Colonel George

Blathwayt 23rd Lt Dragoons                                                      Ken Trotman 2004


5. Reminiscences of Waterloo – The

correspondence between Henry Leathes

and Alexander Mercer G Troop RHA                                       Ken Trotman 2004


6. Wellington’s Lieutenant, Napoleon’s

Gaoler- The peninsular and St Helena

Letters and journals of Sir George

Ridout Bingham 53rd Foot                                                         Pen & Sword 2005


7. The Corunna diary of Captain

C A Pierrepoint                                                                        Ken Trotman 2005


8. The Expedition to Walcheren 1809

By 2nd Captain Henry Light RA                                              Ken Trotman 2005


9. Letters from Egypt & Spain by Lt Col

C Morland 12th then 9th Light Dragoons                               Ken Trotman 2005


10. My Military Career by Lieutenant George

Bourne 85th Foot, 1804-1818.                                                    Ken Trotman 2006


  1. A Narrative of The Battles of

Quatre-Bras And Waterloo;

With the Defence of Hougoumont

By Matthew Clay                                                                          Ken Trotman 2006


  1. Ensign Carter’s Journal 1812

30th Foot                                                                                        Ken Trotman 2006


  1. The Letters of 2nd Captain

Charles Dansey RA 1806-1                                                          Ken Trotman 2006


  1. A Life Guardsman in Spain, France and

At Waterloo, the memoirs of Sergeant

Major Thomas Playford 2nd Life Guards

1810-30                                                                                           Ken Trotman 2006


  1. Waterloo Letters, the 1815 letters of

Lieutenant John Hibbert 1st King’s

Dragoon Guards                                                                          Ken Trotman 2007


  1. The Diary of a Veteran, The diary of

Sergeant Peter Facey, 28th Foot

1803-19                                                                                         Ken Trotman   2007


  1. From Corunna to Waterloo– The journals

and letters of Major Edwin Griffiths and

Captain Frederick Philips 15th (Kings)

Hussars 1801-16.                                                                           Greenhill 2007


  1. A Hellish Business, The Letters of

Captain Charles Kinloch 52nd Foot                                        Ken Trotman 2007


  1. The Letters Of Captain George

Henry Dansey 88th  Foot 1804-1814                                        Ken Trotman  2007


  1. A Staff Officer in the Peninsula, the

Letters of Lt Col James Stanhope.

1810-15                                                                                         Ken Trotman 2008


  1. A Short Account of the Life and

Adventures of Private Thomas Jeremiah,

Royal Welch Fusiliers 1812-1837,

including his experiences at the Battle

of Waterloo.                                                                                   Ken Trotman 2008


  1. The Waterloo diary of Captain James

Naylor, 1st King’s Dragoon Guards,

1815-16                                                                                          Ken Trotman 2008


  1. A Young Gentleman at War, The

Letters of Captain the Honourable

Orlando Bridgeman 1st Foot Guards,

In the Peninsula and At

Waterloo 1812-15.                                                                       Ken Trotman 2008


  1. A Guards Officer in the Peninsula and

at Waterloo. The Letters of Captain

George Bowles, Coldstream Guards.

1807-1819                                                                                       Ken Trotman 2008


  1. The Military adventures of Private

Samuel Wray, 61st Foot 1796-1815                                          Ken Trotman 2009


  1. ‘It all culminated at Hougoumont’ The

letters of Captain John Lucie Blackman

2nd Battalion Coldstream Guards,

1812-15                                                                                          Ken Trotman 2009


  1. With the Staff in Spain and Portugal.

The letters of Robert Cooke, Army Pay

Corps      1811-14.                                                                          Ken Trotman 2009


  1. Recollections of the Scenes of which I

was Witness in the Low Countries &

France in the Campaigns of 1814 and

1815 and the Subsequent Occupation

of French Flanders. The Journal and

Letters of the Reverend George Griffin

Stonestreet 1814-16                                                                     Ken Trotman 2009


  1. The Waterloo Archive- previously

unpublished letters and journals from

the Waterloo Campaign.

Volume 1 British Sources                                                           Frontline 2010


  1. Campaigning in Spain and Belgium.

The letters of Captain Thomas Charles

Fenton, 4th Dragoons

& Scots Greys, 1809-15.                                                          Ken Trotman 2010


  1. The Texas Papers, A Collection of

Peninsular War Letters Written by

various Senior British & Portuguese

Officers held at the Woodson

Research Centre, Rice University,

Texas                                                                                            Ken Trotman 2010


  1. The Waterloo Archive- previously

unpublished letters and journals from

the Waterloo Campaign.

Volume 2 German Sources                                                     Frontline 2010


  1. The Peninsular Diary of Captain John

F Ewart, 52nd Light Infantry, 1811-12                                   Ken Trotman 2010


  1. Eyewitness to the Peninsular War and

Waterloo: The Letters and Journals of

James Hamilton Stanhope 1808 to 1815                               Pen & Sword 2010


  1. An Eloquent Soldier, The Peninsular

War Journals of Lieutenant Charles

Crowe of the Inniskillings, 1812-14.                                       Frontline 2011


  1. Memoir of the Waterloo Campaign,

1815, by Lieutenant Colonel William

Fielding, Coldstream Guards                                                  Ken Trotman 2011


  1. Captain Thomas Edwardes-Tucker’s

Peninsular Diary, 23rd (Royal Welch

Fusiliers) Regiment of Foot, 1813-14

A.D.C to Sir Thomas Picton                                                     Ken Trotman 2011


  1. Letters from an Officer of the Corps of

Engineers, from the British Army in Holland,

Belgium & France to his Father,

from the latter end of 1813 to 1816.

The letters of First Lieutenant John

Sperling Royal Engineers.                                                     Ken Trotman 2011


  1. Adventurous pursuits of a Peninsular

War & Waterloo Veteran’ The Story of

Private James Smithies, 1st (Royal)

Dragoons, 1807-15                                                                Ken Trotman 2011


  1. The Waterloo Archive- previously

unpublished letters and journals from

the Waterloo Campaign. Volume 3

British Sources                                                                      Frontline 2011


  1. The Diary of William Gavin, Ensign

and Quarter-Master, 71st Highland

Regiment 1806-1815                                                            Ken Trotman 2012


  1. Seven Years on the Peninsula, the

Memoirs of Private Adam Reed 47th

(Lancashire) Foot 1806-17                                                  Ken Trotman 2012


  1. Wellington’s Voice, The candid letters

of Lieutenant Colonel John Fremantle,

Coldstream Guards 1808-1821.                                           Frontline 2012


  1. The Waterloo Archive- previously

unpublished letters and journals from

the Waterloo Campaign. Volume 4

British Sources                                                                         Frontline 2012


  1. The Waterloo Archive- previously

unpublished letters and journals from

the Waterloo Campaign. Volume 5

German Sources                                                                          Frontline 2013


  1. The Letters of Lt. Colonel Sir John

Cameron 1st Battalion 9th Regiment

of Foot 1808-14                                                                          Ken Trotman 2013


  1. In Wellington’s Support Services;

The memories of Conductor of Stores

George Augustus Aynge in the

Peninsular War. With further references

to his father Master Gunner George

Aynge Royal Horse Artillery                                                     Ken Trotman 2013


  1. The Peninsular and Waterloo Journals

of Lieutenant William Ingilby Royal

Horse Artillery 1810-15                                                          Ken Trotman 2014


  1. The Walcheren Diary of Lieutenant

John Garbutt 84th Foot 1809                                                    Ken Trotman 2015


  1. The Indian Diary of Lieutenant Philip

Crowe, 2nd Bengal Native Cavalry

1799-1812                                                                                       Ken Trotman 2015


  1. The Waterloo Archive- previously

unpublished letters and journals from

the Waterloo Campaign. Volume 6

British Sources                                                                              Frontline 2014


  1. Waterloo, Myth and Reality

The Battle Reappraised                                                               Pen & Sword 2014


  1. The Defeat of Napoleon’s Imperial Guard

– The History of the 2nd Division in the

Waterloo Campaign                                                                     Frontline 2015


  1. The Correspondence of Lieutenant

General Sir Henry Clinton in Belgium

1814-15 vol 1                                                                                 Ken Trotman 2015


  1. The Correspondence of Lieutenant

General Sir Henry Clinton in Belgium

1814-15 vol 2                                                                                 Ken Trotman 2015


  1. Waterloo in 100 Objects                                                    History Press 2015
  1. With the 1st Foot Guards In the

Peninsular and France – The Letters

of Lieutenant Colonel Henry Packe

1806-16                                                                                          Ken Trotman 2015


  1. Walcheren, Spain, America & Waterloo

The Memoir of Captain Peter Bowlby

4th Foot (1791-1877)                                                                  Ken Trotman 2015


  1. Journal of Ensign John Drummond

1st Batt Coldstream Guards, Peninsular

War 1812-14.                                                                                Ken Trotman 2015


  1. An American Sharpe – The

Peninsula and Waterloo Journals and

Letters of Lieutenant James Penman

Gairdner 95th Rifles.                                                                   Frontline 2016


61. The PeninsularWar Journal of Sergeant Samuel Harrison Ken Trotman 2016

43rd Foot

62. The Letters of Private Henry Willis

1st Regiment of Life Guards 1807-14                                       Ken Trotman 2017


63. The Journal of Trooper Samuel

Gallagher 5th Dragoon Guards, In

Spain, Portugal and France 1810-15                                      Ken Trotman 2017


64. The Adventures of Private Shadrach

Byfield 41st Foot In North America

1812-14                                                                                         Ken Trotman 2017


65. Adventures in Foreign Fields, The Lively

Recollections of Lieutenant John

Hildebrand of the 35th (Sussex)

Regiment of Foot in the Mediterranean

and at Waterloo 1809 – 1817                                                Frontline Books 2017

66. Personal Adventures of a Young Officer

during Walcheren and the Peninsular

War. The Memoirs of Ensign Edward

Watson 9th Regiment of Foot 1808-11                             Ken Trotman 2017


67. My Fate during 30 years of Military Service

By Sergeant Ludwig Ebbecke 2nd Hussars

King’s German Legion                                                          Ken Trotman 2017

68. Napoleon’s Forgotten Wars: War in the

Mediterranean 1793-1816                                                  Pen & Sword 2017


69. Journal of the Campaign in Portugal, by                     Ken Trotman 2017

John Westcott, Late Master of the Band

1st Battalion 26th or  Cameronian

Regiment of Foot


70. The Peninsular & Waterloo Letters of the                  Ken Trotman 2017

Reverend Samuel Briscall 1808-15


71. The Veteran or 40 Years’ Service in the                         Helion Books 2017

          British ArmyThe Scurrilous Journal of

Paymaster John Harley 47th Foot 1798-1838


72. A Scots Grey at Waterloo, the incredible

Story of Sergeant Major William Clarke                           Pen & Sword 2017


73. With Wellington’s Hussars in the

Peninsular and at Waterloo

The Journals of Lt George Woodberry

18th Hussars 1813-15                                                            Pen & Sword 2018


74. Letters from The Battle of Waterloo                             Pen & Sword 2018

Unpublished correspondence by allied

officers from the Siborne papers

Updated Reprint


75. The Two Battles of Copenhagen 1801 and                    Pen & Sword 2018

1807 – Britain’s Conflicts with Denmark in

the Napoleonic Wars


76. A Light Infantryman with Wellington. The             Helion Books 2018

Letters of Captain George Ulrich Barlow 52nd

and 69th Foot 1808-15


77. The Journal of Sergeant David Robertson of               Ken Trotman 2018

the 92nd Foot in Egypt, Denmark, the

Peninsular and Belgium 1795-1818


78. A Sergeant of the 3rd (Scots) Guards in time                 Ken Trotman 2019

Of War. The memoirs of Sergeant John

Stevenson 1793-1814


79. A new system of cavalry swordsmanship                     Ken Trotman 2019

By Lt Colonel Charles Radclyffe 1st (Royal)


80. Waterloo after the glory. Hospital services,                          Helion 2019

Casualty sketches, and reports following

The Battle of Waterloo

81. Four years at war. The memories of                                  Ken Trotman 2019

Lieutenant Frederick Mainwaring 51st

Foot in the Peninsula and at Waterloo 1811-15

82. From the Diary of Lieutenant Ernst Meier                       Ken Trotman 2019

of the Westphalian Garde Chevau-Legers,

the Brunswick Hussars and 2nd Dragoons

King’s German Legion 1809-1815

83. Waterloo Archive VII (British Sources)                            Ken Trotman 2019

84. Waterloo Archive VIII (German and  Dutch sources)  Ken Trotman 2019

85. The Waterloo Letters of Captain Oldfield Royal Engineers Ken Trotman2019

86. Napoleon in 100 Objects                                                      Pen & Sword 2020

87. Waterloo Archive IX (British sources)                           Ken Trotman 2020

88. Waterloo Archive X (British Sources)                            Ken Trotman 2020

89.  Waterloo Archive XI (British Sources)                           Ken Trotman 2020

90. Waterloo Archive XII (British Sources)                          Ken Trotman 2020

91.The Great Waterloo Controversy -The Story of           Pen & Sword 2020

the 52nd Foot at History’s Greatest Battle

92. The Waterloo Campaign and the Army of Occupation 1815-18

 Eyewitness Accounts of the 52nd (Oxfordshire) Regiment of Foot

                                                                                                     Ken Trotman 2020

93. Wellington in 100 Objects                                                     Pen & Sword 2020

94. Waterloo Archive XIII (British Sources)                                   Ken Trotman 2021

95. Waterloo Archive XIV (British Sources)                                 Ken Trotman 2021

96. Napoleonic War Archive I                                                    Ken Trotman 2021

97. Napoleonic War Archive II                                                    Ken Trotman 2021

98. Nelson’s Navy in 100 Objects                                            Pen & Sword 2021

99. Marching Fighting Dying – Contemporary accounts of 

the Peninsular War                                                                   Pen & Sword 2021

100. Waterloo Archive – Special Map Edition                           Ken Trotman 2021

103. Napoleonic War Archives Volume 3                                  Ken Trotman 2021

104. Napoleonic War Archives Volume 4                                  Ken Trotman 2021

105 Napoleonic War Archives Volume 5 The Letters & Journals of Major John Maxwell Tylden 43rd Foot

                                                                                                  Ken Trotman 2021

106 Napoleonic War Archives Volume 6 The Letters of William Freer, Edward Freer & Daniel Gardner 43rd Foot                                                                                   Ken Trotman 2021

107 Napoleonic War Archives Volume 7  Six different Cavalry Memoirs         Ken Trotman 2022

108 Napoleonic War Archives Volume 8  No fewer than twelve different artillery memoirs/letter Ken Trotman 2022

109.  The Men of Wellington’s Light Division –  43rd Foot                                  Pen & Sword 2022

110. Blood, Guts & Gore. The Memoirs of Assistant Surgeon John Smith 12th Light Dragoons in the Waterloo Campaign and Subsequent Army of Occupation in France.                                Pen & Sword 2022

111. Napoleonic Archive 10 – A Hellish Business, the Letters of Captain Ewart 52nd Foot     Ken Trotman October 2022

112. Napoleonic Archive 9 – The Journals of Captain Henry Oglander 43rd & 47th Foot        Ken Trotman October 2022

113. The Red Coats of Wellington’s Light Division –   52nd Foot                           Pen & Sword January 2023

114. Napoleonic Archive 11 – Letters of Lt Col Henry Packe & Capt Orlando Bridgeman 1st Foot Guards  Ken Trotman May 2023

115. Napoleonic Archive 12 – Journals of Major John Duffy & 1813 Journal of John Maxwell Tylden 43rd Foot Ken Trotman May 2023

116. Light Division Memoirs of the Peninsula 95th Rifles & Staff Pen & Sword Summer 2023

117. Feeding Wellington’s Army – The Peninsular Memoirs of Commissary Tupper Carey Pen & Sword November 2023

118. Napoleonic Archive No. 13 – Memoirs of 28th, 34th, 39th Foot – Pringle’s Brigade -Ken Trotman November 2023

119. Napoleonic Archive No. 14 – Memoirs of the 4th Dragoons – Ken Trotman November 2023

120.  Feeding Wellington’s Army The Peninsula and Waterloo Memoirs of Commissary Tupper Carey Volume 2 – June 2024

121. Napoleonic Archive No. 15 – Wellington’s Spy Masters – Ken Trotman April 2024

122. Napoleonic Archive No.16 -Memoirs of Lt General Henry Clinton’s 6th Division – June 2024


121. The Peninsular Journal of Captain Stirling 42nd Foot Autumn 2024

122. At War With Wellington – Letters of William, Charles & George Napier August 2024

123. A Family’s Tragic Battle with Napoleon 2025